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I don’t even know what to say about this.  Seriously.  I am shocked and appalled.  I am sitting here wondering what exactly I could not see on this video that called for such action because in the country that I live in, surely there was something that you can’t see on the video.


Tomorrow is Thursday.  The day that someone comes to clean the house – because heaven knows I don’t do it.  But that’s beside the point.  The point is, tomorrow, she comes to clean the house.

I love my husband dearly … and there it is.  The audible ‘… but …’

Please, somebody, ANYBODY, tell me why I come home from running errands this evening to find my husband scrubbing the effin’ stove!???  Why do we hire someone to come in and help us with this stuff, then clean it all to a shine the night before she arrives!?!??!   I DO NOT GET IT.

Now, here is my favorite part.  He’s PISSY about it!  He is mad that he has been left to clean the stove off.  While I was out running his errands!  Let’s be clear here, I was not off getting a mani & a pedi or having drinks with the girls.  I was buying much needed shoes for my son (since his only pair that fit is broken) and buying cedar mulch for my husband.  Can someone please explain this to me?  You should have seen the look that I got when I asked him why he was cleaning off the stove top the night before we were to have the house cleaned by pro.  “Well, we can’t have her see it like this!”, he growled at me.  HUH?  It’s not like I had cooked egg on it or anything … there were some bread crumbs, I can admit it, but  seriously?

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