If you could do ANYTHING, regardless of time or money, what would you do?

I stole this post – literally, cut and pasted the whole thing … well, aside from this little blurb … from the very funny Megan Hook over at Undomestic Diva.  It got me thinking …

What would you do?
Would you quit the job you’ve always hated to begin a career you’ve always wanted to try?
Would you systematically cross off the items on your bucket list?
Would you leave a less than perfect life to start anew?
Would you start a business you know you’ve got the skills to make successful?
Would you finally put that book down on paper that’s been swimming in your head?
Would you devote your self and time to a cause that you care deeply about?
Would you relocate your family to be closer to the people you love?
What would you do?
And, would you still be you?

As for me, well: Read the rest of this entry »


Okay, so there are a few sites I am currently feeling compelled to keep checking in on, you know, aside from the usual Twitter, Facebook, momstown.  Kind of like train wrecks really.  But here, see for yourself:

Cake Wrecks: seriously funny cake disasters

The People of Walmart – strangely this site makes me feel better about myself. How sad is that?

Texts From Last Night – I must warn you, some of these are pretty crude.

So, my latest hobby is cakes – could you tell?  Not exactly diet friendly but fun none-the-less.  My latest was 2 dozen cupcakes for a butterfly themed party for a 5 year old girl.  They were just so sweet and cute (if I do say so myself) that I couldn’t resist posting them on the main page.

Aren’t they just so cute?  And, if I do say so myself, they tasted delish too!





She requested vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with vanilla and chocolate butter cream icing.  And everything on them is totally edible – and yummy.





The chocolate cupcakes even had a little surprise inside them.  They were filled with raspberry puree.  Mmmmmm.

Yeah, breastfeeding is great.  Uh huh.  Easy (once you cut through all of the initial pain and suffering), no screwing around with cleaning and sterilizing bottles yada yada yada.  Well, my daughter had a good run and I had a few more months in me, that was until she turned my nipples into her personal chew toys!

I’m not kidding.  And no, I’m not talking once.  Or twice.  I’m talking about at least once at every feed for about a week.  Then she took a break for a week, lulling me into a false sense of security, thinking that she finally understood how to appropriately handle the responsibilities that come with being breastfed.  Yes, there really are unwritten rules about this, first being, DO NOT BITE OR CHEW THE FOOD SOURCE!

But then she started again.  Thoughtfully, she’d look up at me with this big adoring smile and maybe even a cute little giggle if you were lucky.  All while holding my nipple clenched in her teeth.  Read the rest of this entry »

Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post.  We are, finally, no longer the house of sick – which is awesome.  The nicer weather is arriving and the reality has finally set in.  I have less than three weeks to get myself a new bathing suit for our trip to the cottage.  Yikes!  I hate bathing suit shopping but I have begun preperation, albeit a bit too late but it’s better than nothing.  I am reading a book called The End Of Overeating by Dr. David Kessler and I’m actually finding it quite interesting.  I skipped ahead a bit to the spot where he offers some ideas – one of which kind of hit me, simple as it was – one of which is to make rules for yourself and just keep reminding yourself of your rule.

I don’t eat: chocolate, chips, deep fried, candy, cookies.

HA!  Yeah right.  At least, that’s what I thought Read the rest of this entry »

Here it is.  The ‘big ass’ cake I referred to in a previous post – the cake I was working on last week.  It turned out pretty well, I thought.  I definitely learned a lot making this one and it was very well received which is always nice.  It even tasted yummy too.  Sadly, I think it did nothing to help with my healthier eating goals.  I can admit it, I am a ‘spoon-licker’.  Do you know that they estimate the number of calories you can consume just licking the spoon each week to be up to 150cal.  And that’s if you are an average cook, cooking your average meal.  I couldn’t find the estimate for spoon-licking bakers but I’m guessing that putting tongue to the beaters that whipped the vanilla buttercream icing (made with real butter too, none of this shortening stuff) before tossing them in the sink can’t be good.  I imagine, also, that snacking on the cake ‘trimmings’ that you’ve shaved off the cake isn’t a 5-star snack.  Yup, no closer to my goal today.

On the plus side, Read the rest of this entry »

Not just ‘a cake’. I am talking about a big ass cake. You’ll have to wait for pics of the finished product but right it is takin over my fridge. Very frustrating but the party is tomorrow so the end is in sight.

So, one of the pros of baking this fancy pants 70th birthday surprise cake is that it got me introduced to a babysitter for the kids! I am in love. She was awesome! Now we can have date nights again!!

Okay. More on all of this later.

11pm, the night before
Husband – Aren’t you excited? You get to sleep in tomorrow!

6:20am, baby crying
Husband – I’m so tired. Will you try feeding her? I’ll bring her to bed so we (HA!) can keep sleeping a bit.
[I feed my daughter, she plays with my face, pinches my arm (and other bits) and pulls some of my hair out. All while my husband sleeps]

7:20 am, baby cooing and yanking my hair out
Husband – Don’t wake up mommy. Let’s go make breaky so mommy can keep sleeping.
Me – [finally falls back to sleep]

Toddler – I WANT MOMMY!
Husband – Shhhh. Mommy is sleeping.
Toddler – I want to watch an episode. (yes, that really is the word he uses)
Husband – No TV. Let’s go make her a special breakfast.

Husband – No, don’t touch that please.
Toddler – Where is MOMMY? [crying]
Husband – Why don’t you go watch TV?

It’s kind of perfect really, in it’s own less than perfect way. I have to enjoy these moments because I know they’ll grow out of it so quick! Now I’m going to take my chance and try going back to sleep for a bit.

Husband – Breakfast is ready. Let’s go take Mommy her breakfast.
Toddler – [running up stairs, knocks on the bedroom door and flys in] She’s awake! Daddy, she’s awake! Mommy, [as he takes a flying leap on top of me and flings his arms around me] happy mothers day. I love you. Can I have some of your pancakes?

Yep, it was a perfect morning.

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