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I love my kids.  Absolutely adore them.  I am thankful for them every single day.  We have been blessed with two healthy, beautiful and, usually, happy babies.  I love the sound of their laughter, their huge smiles.  For my son, already, his smiles are largest when he thinks no one is looking but that is a whole other post.

Did you hear it?  The unwritten ‘ … but … ‘

Now, before I delve into it too much, I want to say: Yes, it was my choice to have kids; Yes, it was my choice to stay home with them; Yes, I am a very lucky girl to have this opportunity.  All of that to be said, just because it was my choice, doesn’t mean I have to love it all the time.  And it certainly doesn’t mean that I can’t miss ‘BEFORE’.

I went for a walk with a friend the other day and by some freak of nature we actually had a moment or two where we were able to walk side by side without the interruption of the kids.  I know, weird right?!  I mean, this actually meant that we were able to string more than 2 words together at a time and have a conversation.  Seriously, I am NOT making this up!  Now, I think it was almost a week ago, where we, again, got a few minutes where the kids were all napping and we got to talk on the phone for longer than it took to say “Which park?  Ok, what time?  Crap, gotta go.  See you there!”  Both times, the conversation turned to ‘before’.  You know, BEFORE. Read the rest of this entry »


How great is it that March is National Nutrition Month?  What better time for me to start selling “Today I Ate A Rainbow” nutritional charts!  I’m pretty excited about this venture and hope that you’ll take a look and see why.  These charts are such a great way to keep track of what our kids, and ourselves, are eating and ensuring that we are getting a variety of minerals and vitamins.  I can’t wait to get this chart working for our family.

My family health has slowly disintegrated over the last few years.  A few years and two kids later my husband and I look at ourselves and say ‘What happened?’  We eat the same meals most nights, I buy the same foods when I go to the grocery store.  It’s just so easy.  And we are spending less and less time being active.  Well, we are making changes!  And anyone reading this blog is welcome to come along for the ride!  I am on a mission to better the health of my family, not only by including a better variety of fruits & vegetables in our meals but by finding nutritious, and fast, meals that I can make during the busy week and coming up with easy and healthy snacks for my kids.  Today, I am choosing to lead by example, eating better and putting more effort into my physical health by finding fun ways that we can exercise as a family.  This blog will follow me as I rise to the challenge, and fall from it every now and again!

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A mom. A wife. A sister. A friend. An Aunt. A chauffeur. A referee. As any mom out there knows, you become what you need to be. The trick is to not lose yourself in the process. Today, we choose to lead our families back to a healthier state. Physically. Mentally. Together.
Today I Ate A Rainbow nutritional charts

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