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11pm, the night before
Husband – Aren’t you excited? You get to sleep in tomorrow!

6:20am, baby crying
Husband – I’m so tired. Will you try feeding her? I’ll bring her to bed so we (HA!) can keep sleeping a bit.
[I feed my daughter, she plays with my face, pinches my arm (and other bits) and pulls some of my hair out. All while my husband sleeps]

7:20 am, baby cooing and yanking my hair out
Husband – Don’t wake up mommy. Let’s go make breaky so mommy can keep sleeping.
Me – [finally falls back to sleep]

Toddler – I WANT MOMMY!
Husband – Shhhh. Mommy is sleeping.
Toddler – I want to watch an episode. (yes, that really is the word he uses)
Husband – No TV. Let’s go make her a special breakfast.

Husband – No, don’t touch that please.
Toddler – Where is MOMMY? [crying]
Husband – Why don’t you go watch TV?

It’s kind of perfect really, in it’s own less than perfect way. I have to enjoy these moments because I know they’ll grow out of it so quick! Now I’m going to take my chance and try going back to sleep for a bit.

Husband – Breakfast is ready. Let’s go take Mommy her breakfast.
Toddler – [running up stairs, knocks on the bedroom door and flys in] She’s awake! Daddy, she’s awake! Mommy, [as he takes a flying leap on top of me and flings his arms around me] happy mothers day. I love you. Can I have some of your pancakes?

Yep, it was a perfect morning.


I LOVE brunch!  I love it so much that when my husband and I got married, we had a morning wedding so we could serve brunch for our meal at an afternoon reception.  Yeah, yeah, there were other contributing factors, but it does not diminish my love of brunch!  I think it’s the flexibility of it that I like.

This Sunday we invited a couple over.  It was my friend’s birthday a few weeks ago and I didn’t get to see her so this is her celebration brunch.  I had a tough time coming up with something to make though.  She doesn’t like eggs. Or tomatoes.  So, eggs cooked in tomato cups was off the menu – but just as an fyi, they are delish.  I needed to come up with something easy and not too heavy since I baked her a Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake for dessert – and it is rich!  Stuffed French Toast was a serious contender, since that’s one of her favorites, but the meal had to be uber easy since mornings can be pretty crazy around here at the best of times, let alone when we have to prepare for company too.

Finally I settled on Read the rest of this entry »

Mmmm …yum!  So yummy, in fact, that I started eating before I snapped a picture!

What a great way to start Sunday – a pancake breakfast and I didn’t have to cook!  I made up the recipe, inspired by a couple recipes from Food Magazine’s recent ‘50 Pancakes & Waffles‘ insert, as my husband frantically searched for ingredients and threw it all together.  Does it get any better?  He even made a delish fruit smoothie that my son gobbled up so quickly that he got brain freeze!  Poor kid, he had no idea what hit him!

Banana Oat & Bran Pancakes

Whisk together: Read the rest of this entry »

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