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Well, there was a meal, but it wasn’t the ECCC meal.  I’ve been so distracted that I actually forgot what this weeks meal was supposed to be.  I’ll delve more into my distractions in a later post.

In the meantime, I am reading this Maclean’s article titled Inside the dangerously empty lives of teenage girls; Impressing each other with sex, booze and Facebook. Can I just tell you that it is scary.  I have a daughter who is several years away from her ‘teenage years’ but I fear, that as she gets older her ‘teenage years’ are going to come racing forward to meet her!  Talk about the pressure on the teenage girls.  What about the pressure on the moms of teenage girls and teenage girls to be!  How do we bring this to a rapid halt?

Right before I ran out the door to my ‘social media’ talk, ironically enough, my husband and I had a brief discussion about our daughter.  He does the kids’ baths and he commented that bath time is very different with our daughter than it was for our son.  He said that he finds he doesn’t ‘talk’ to her as much, singing the ‘Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes’ song as he washes her, like he did with our son.  Which was timely because as I was feeding her supper just before he got home I had a similar thought.  When I fed our son I would talk to him, make an effort to teach him basic sign language for ‘more’ and ‘all done’, that kind of thing.  As I was feeding her, I noticed that I had only one eye on her and the other was always on the lookout for my son to see what kind of trouble he was getting into.  Instead of looking her in the eye and asking her if she wanted more before I moved the spoon to her mouth, I found myself calling ‘No, you can’t take that outside.  It’s an inside toy.’ only to turn back to my daughter to find that I had the spoon halted in the air, as my daughter leaned frantically forward trying to bring her mouth to it, since it obviously wasn’t finding it’s way to her mouth.

As I mentioned, it was a brief conversation, but as I drove to my discussion on how to utilize social media in business, (thanks Julie Cole!) I wondered what kind of effect this might have on her and what I could do about it.

Listen, being healthy isn’t all about eating spinach and running.  It’s about balance in life and, in my humble opinion, a good balance includes dessert.  So, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite fun desserts.

I made this for last year’s annual summer bbq as dessert for all of the kids.  I got the idea through one of my favorite websites, Cake Wrecks (a very funny site!), who, in one of her ‘Sunday Sweets’ editions, featured Bakerella who had done a remake of something Smiley’s Sweets & Creations had done who had seen it … you get the idea.  Even Loves To Eat did a version.

All kinds of people have done these and I’m here to tell you, if you don’t already know, that they are SO much easier than you’d think!  The hardest part, for me, was trying to convince the local New York Fries to sell or give me some of their fry cups but I think that was a great finishing touch – some of the people at the bbq had to look at these three or four times before they realized they weren’t actually sliders! Read the rest of this entry »

Okay, so I’ve heard a lot about Eating Clean and finally broke down and bought a book.  The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged. Now, before I rush out and buy the Eat Clean book for Families & Kids, I’m going to try some of the recipes in this book.  Is anyone interested in doing this with me?

If there is any interest, let me know because I would LOVE to hear back from others about how a certain recipe worked out for them and what variations or spin you put on it and how it worked out.  If you have a blog or site of your own, and want to follow along with me I’ll keep a link to your blog on mine provided you are actively following along.  Guidelines, a la Heavenly Bakers – but much healthier and more diet friendly 😉 :

  1. I am committing to making one Eat Clean recipe per week.
  2. You do not need to have a blog, but, if you do, I will post a link to your site or blog if you want to be an active participant.
  3. To be considered active, you commit to making two of the recipes I post per month.
  4. I will post, on Fridays, which recipe I am going to try the following week.
  5. IF the recipe is readily available on the internet, I will post a link to the recipe.  If it can only be found in one of the books (I will start by using only The Eat-Clean Diet Recharged book but will likely move quickly to the Family & Kids one), I will only post the name of the recipe.
  6. I will make the recipe and blog about it by Thursday – hopefully you have done the same and can blog or comment on it within a 24 hour period of my blog.
  7. If you don’t have a site or blog of your own – please leave a comment to share how it worked out for you and if you put your own spin on it.
  8. If you want to propose an Eat Clean recipe, you can be the feature ‘cook’ for that week.

So, to begin, for the week of March 22, I am going to make Sweet Potato Oat Bars.

It has been rainy for days and I decided we needed a little colour! I got this idea from the Jujubee Preschool blog.  Anyway, you just add a little food colouring to a little bit of milk, paint it on the bread and grill it or pop it in the toaster.  I’m sure it would look very cool on white bread!

Now, the grilled cheese sandwich may not have added anything to his Rainbow for the day but the yummy vegetable soup he had with it did!  My son loved it, my husband, on the other hand, was not so sure.

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