You know who you are,  you were driving the ‘old man car’ at the mall parking lot today.  As you pulled out of your parking spot, you didn’t check your blind spots and you backed into my stroller – which was still carrying my daughter – and pinned it between the back of your car and the back of mine.  As I had briefly turned my back to load up the car I was alerted to this by a ‘crunch’ sound and my friend yelling “STOP!”  As I ran to the back of the vehicle I saw my friend slam her hand down your car and run around to your window.  I was a little slow with processing the events but I was very quickly aware that our two boys were each in their respective car seats and that my daughter was looking up at me, despite what you just did, with a smile and a giggle, arms raised asking to be lifted out.

I refuse to apologize for my friends words to you after you, stupidly and despite the 3 other witnesses to the event, roll down your window and said, ‘I almost hit it. It was so low, I couldn’t see it.’  At least you had the decency, or so I thought, to pull your car ahead and come talk to me.  Again, I will not apologize for my friend, who, at this point, I was incredibly thankful for as she had found her voice, at a time when I had, apparently, lost mine.  I also want to add that I don’t recall hearing you say ‘I’m sorry.’ amid all of your other rumblings.  What I do remember hearing you say is ‘There is a lesson in everything.’  To which I responded ‘And what would that be?’  Your response, ‘You should have pulled the stroller between the cars.  It’s too low, I couldn’t see it.’  The only thing, as far as you are concerned, that I am sorry for is that all I could come back with was ‘Really?  My daughter is fine.  My car and stroller are each fine.  I’m fine.  Go away.’

I’m actually a little fuzzy on some of the details because I was rather focused on my daughter and what, luckily, didn’t but easily could have happened.  And in my mind, despite what you did it would have been all my fault.  This is the thought I cannot get out of my mind, even still, hours later.

Piss off,


P.S.  I’m not sure what I should have done differently, aside from issuing my own choice words.  I’ve discussed it in great detail with my husband since he got home from work and he doesn’t know either.  I mean, let’s be clear here, I had pulled pretty far into the parking spot, if you had been aiming for the cars on either side of me, you would have hit them.  My stroller was well within my spot.  The car next to me had parked rather close and I had a double stroller, it wouldn’t have fit even if I had wanted it to.  My friend’s car was on the other side of me and the doors were open so that the boys could get in the cars.  I am incredibly thankful for what didn’t happen today, and despite my belief that from the way you walked away from me with your head down, that you are too, you’re still an ASS.  I spent, and am still spending, the rest of the day welling up with tears every time I looked at my daughter.  I hope you spent some time considering your part in this.