So, I said that I would keep track of my day today in response to that article a few years back in the Washington Post.  Funnily enough, the column was written a short week before my first child was born and I just haven’t had time to read it until now.

So, back to today’s post, keeping track of my day today to determine just how much fun and relaxation I am getting in my days now that I have two kids.

6:40am – my daughter wakes up and I try to grab just another 20 minutes of sleep while my husband entertains her as he gets ready for work

7:10am – finally have to get out of bed

7:15-7:45am – feed myself and my daughter breakfast while flipping through the weekly flyers

7:45-8:40am – my daughter plays on her own as I clean up the kitchen, catch up on a few emails, flip through the paper, prepare snacks for our trip to the farmer’s market later this morning.  Wow – it really is a life of leisure so far today!!  Gotta enjoy this when it comes!

8:40-9am – my son (finally!) wakes up and plays with his sister.  I supervise to make sure she doesn’t swallow any of his smaller toys and he doesn’t tear her arm off as he swipes them out of her hand while I try to teach him about manners and politeness and how to use his ‘nice’ words to get what he wants.

Yup, that’s as far as I got.  I didn’t have any time after that to waste it tracking the minutiae of my day but it did start off well.  Sorry, Tacoma, WA, if you’ve had your own kids by now you don’t need me to explain it to you and if you haven’t, I haven’t got the time to care about what you think about how SAHM’s spend their days.