So we FINALLY found a babysitter.  We booked her about a month in advance for this night. A date night. Just the two of us, going out and doing whatever we wanted to do. Did I mention that we got to plan and anticipate this evening for a month!?

My husband wanted to go and see a band at the local music festival. He says that it’s because that’s what we did on one of our first dates. Awww … sweet, right?  It’s an outdoor festival and it’s calling for rain that day but it rained a little in the afternoon so we think it’s passed us by – as do thousands of others I might add. The sun is shining, the sky is lovely and blue.

We go out and enjoy a nice dinner, well, a decent dinner, but it was an adults only dinner so that ups it from decent to nice.  You forget how to talk, you know? When you haven’t had an ‘adults only’ dinner in so long, you forget how to talk about stuff other than the kids.  Oh, and work. When does he start part time montessori? Will I be able to get her in a program just for her? Oh, did you see what he did the other day? Wow! Can you believe what she has started doing now? Do you like the new-to-us Roomba as much as I do? (To be clear, the answer here is YES! I HEART the Roomba but that is a whole other post!)  How is the new project at work going?  I’m thinking that we might as well be saying ‘How about the weather?’ when I hear myself actually say ‘Hey, look at the sky.  Clouds are coming in.’   Oh, good.  Our meals are here.  Cheers.  And I gulp down my cosmo.  Damn that was good.  What clouds?

Once dinner is over we headed downtown to the festival.  Though we park far enough away that we can get free parking without any fight.  It’s a lovely night so we walk to the local ice cream parlor and get a couple of ice cream cones before strolling along the lake shore to the stage that our band will be playing on – of course, it’s the farthest stage.  At least we have new scenery now and we can make fun of small talk about the interesting vendors and people along the way.  As we are walking along I feel a few little water drops on my arm and accuse the kid that just passed us of spitting on me.  You can see where this is going right?  We get to our stage and everyone has their folding chairs out, rain jackets (or garbage bags) and umbrellas in hand and my husband laments about how we forgot folding chairs.  The drops start off slow but heavy.  We get to hear the band warm up a little.  Then the lightening starts and the sheets of rain begin!  Thousands of people were running to find cover wherever they could, vendor booths, garbage bags, you get the idea.  Let me just tell you, we could have jumped in the lake we were standing beside and gotten less wet than we were getting.

This is where our date actually started to get fun.  After some debate about whether we would enjoy the show if we stayed to watch it IF they were even able to play, we finally said screw it and just started walking back to the car.  Did I mention that the car was parked a good 30 minutes away?  As I said, this is where the fun actually began.  This is where we finally remembered how to laugh, at ourselves, and more importantly, at my husband.  Yup, at my husband.  Because after we passed a few women (and I say a few because everyone else was under cover – we were considered part of the crazy few who realized we wouldn’t actually be able to hide from the rain) and he got a weird vibe.  He said they were looking at him funny.  I actually had to stop walking I was laughing so hard (seriously, we couldn’t get any wetter).  I asked him if he had paid any attention to the outfit he had chosen for our date.  Ever the sentimentalist, he had chosen a white cotton dress shirt with two lines of white embroidery up the front – a shirt that I had purchased for him for our trip to Spain a few years ago – and a pair of cream pants.  Suddenly he realized what they were looking at and his arm actually flung up in an involuntary spasm to cover his chest while his other hand flew down.  Apparently, at that moment, my husband suddenly felt objectified as the women passed us staring at his nipples.

We laughed and joked and carried on all the way back to the car.  It turned out that he wasn’t the only one with a poor choice of clothing for such weather … seriously, even if it’s sunny people, DO NOT WEAR RED GRANNY UNDERWEAR UNDER YOUR CREAM SUNDRESS!  In the end, we had a great time even though we ended up deciding to go home where it was warm, changing into dry clothes and watching a movie.  We sent our babysitter home, even though it was still daylight.  We told her to go home and take a nap before her friend’s party and promised her we’d stay out later next month.  We spent the rest of the night watching a bad movie, and talking about everything under the sun – except the kids!