Wow.  I can’t believe it’s been so long since my last post.  We are, finally, no longer the house of sick – which is awesome.  The nicer weather is arriving and the reality has finally set in.  I have less than three weeks to get myself a new bathing suit for our trip to the cottage.  Yikes!  I hate bathing suit shopping but I have begun preperation, albeit a bit too late but it’s better than nothing.  I am reading a book called The End Of Overeating by Dr. David Kessler and I’m actually finding it quite interesting.  I skipped ahead a bit to the spot where he offers some ideas – one of which kind of hit me, simple as it was – one of which is to make rules for yourself and just keep reminding yourself of your rule.

I don’t eat: chocolate, chips, deep fried, candy, cookies.

HA!  Yeah right.  At least, that’s what I thought but, I figured I had nothing to lose but a little fat so why not try it.  I’m not changing my portion amounts or anything else, I am simply trying to follow my rule(s).  I have to say, it’s actually been working.  Now, I have made a few phone calls to my husband at a desperate moment in the afternoon when both kids were napping to which he responded, ‘Eat an apple’.  And so I did.  And, it distracted me enough that I managed to not eat whatever crap I was thinking of eating instead.

The myth of ‘Just One’

Now, let me be clear about this, today is day 4 of living by the rule.  Hardly a huge accomplishment by some standards.  But for me, the girl that would snack all afternoon, basically, while the kids were in bed – especially if it had been a stressful morning and I didn’t have a project or something in the afternoon – on ‘just one’ cookie, ‘just one’ bite of ice cream, ‘just one’ chip etc. this is an accomplishment.  Especially since there is no such thing as ‘just one’, particularly if you are powerless to the pull of the crap.  You say ‘just one’ and that turns into 5 despite knowing how crappy you’ll feel afterwards.  Lays had it right.

Planning ahead and learning to adapt

I suppose some might say it wasn’t really an accomplishment because I went to the movies a couple nights ago and ate just over half of a small popcorn and about a third of a bag of Nibs.  However, I went in to that theatre knowing that I was going to eat popcorn so in advance I made new, temporary rules: I would buy a small bag instead of a regular bag.  I would NOT finish the bag.  Success.  The Nibs were a defensive reaction since my friend bought smarties and I knew I would be rather tempted to munch on her smarties if I didn’t have my own extra treat.  I figured Nibs were the lesser of the evils.  And, the left over popcorn and Nibs?  I left them in my husbands car so he would take them to work the next morning.  I found I had much more ‘control’ over what I ate by going into the situation with plans and rules.

Small victories

So, I went grocery shopping last night after supper, a peak time for wanting a sweet.  I walked past the granola bars (healthy right … HA!) and saw a box of chocolate covered nougat caramel bars.  I threw the box in the cart, after all, they aren’t packaged like chocolate bars, and they were in the granola bar section so there must be some shred of healthy to them.  Besides, I’d be ok, there are 10 in the box but surely I could dole them out to myself accordingly and only eat one as my very special treat every few days.  Right?  So, at the check out, I handed them to the cashier and told her I had changed my mind and I bought a bag of apples instead.  Because who cares if ‘just one’ apple turns into 5?

Small victories perhaps, but I’ll take them when I can get them.