11pm, the night before
Husband – Aren’t you excited? You get to sleep in tomorrow!

6:20am, baby crying
Husband – I’m so tired. Will you try feeding her? I’ll bring her to bed so we (HA!) can keep sleeping a bit.
[I feed my daughter, she plays with my face, pinches my arm (and other bits) and pulls some of my hair out. All while my husband sleeps]

7:20 am, baby cooing and yanking my hair out
Husband – Don’t wake up mommy. Let’s go make breaky so mommy can keep sleeping.
Me – [finally falls back to sleep]

Toddler – I WANT MOMMY!
Husband – Shhhh. Mommy is sleeping.
Toddler – I want to watch an episode. (yes, that really is the word he uses)
Husband – No TV. Let’s go make her a special breakfast.

Husband – No, don’t touch that please.
Toddler – Where is MOMMY? [crying]
Husband – Why don’t you go watch TV?

It’s kind of perfect really, in it’s own less than perfect way. I have to enjoy these moments because I know they’ll grow out of it so quick! Now I’m going to take my chance and try going back to sleep for a bit.

Husband – Breakfast is ready. Let’s go take Mommy her breakfast.
Toddler – [running up stairs, knocks on the bedroom door and flys in] She’s awake! Daddy, she’s awake! Mommy, [as he takes a flying leap on top of me and flings his arms around me] happy mothers day. I love you. Can I have some of your pancakes?

Yep, it was a perfect morning.