You’ll notice that this blog may have lost a bit of it’s focus.  I started this blog to be held accountable to something beyond just me – all of you!  It was my goal to bring some healthier habits into my family’s day to day lives.  Perhaps with some help, encouragement and ideas from you guys.  Well, recently I’ve been looking at what I’ve accomplished thus far.  Let’s see, I ran a few times for a couple weeks (I really would like to get out and run again – I’m trying to remember what it is that is stopping me but I’m sure it’s a good excuse reason.), I am inline skating at least once a week with some other moms and I eat at least one ‘Clean’ meal a week.

I suppose it’s a start, but I think I’ve gone a bit beyond baby steps.  What is smaller on the ‘baby steps’ scale?  Ant steps?  A while ago I wrote that though I had fallen, I was going to get back up.  Well, I’m still waiting to get myself off my arse!  I have been losing and regaining the same three freakin’ pounds for weeks!  I’m even a little embarrassed to admit that I enlisted some help.  It turns out, however, that having to cop to my transgressions and weigh myself on an almost daily basis DOES NOT HELP!  I feel like it is just kicking me while I’m down.  Is this motivation?  Because this sinking feeling sure doesn’t feel motivating.

Could it be that all of those recent articles are true?  The whole ‘junk food is addictive’ theory.  True?  Or a convenient excuse?  Well, I have to say, I drank the kool-aid and I say it’s TRUE!  Check it out for yourself:  CBC – Junk Food Addiction may change your brain.

I admit it.  My name is MollyMcB and once my kids are in bed, I eat!

And not salads either.  I have programmed myself to think of it as my ‘Me’ time.  Especially if getting them to bed was rough, well then, I deserve to eat those chips or that popcorn or that Starbucks Oat Fudge bar.  Sometimes it’s not even something so obvious – instead of 15-20 pistachios, I crack open a whole cup full.  Apparently, I have also programmed myself to feel that I deserve to feel horrible afterwards and crash from a sugar rush, right about the time my kids wake up from their naps. Thing is, I know it’ll happen.  Even as I’m snacking mindlessly, I think to myself, “I’m going to regret this.  I really should go and do something that keeps my hands busy.  I have some painting to do.  Painting would be a good idea, why don’t I paint instead?”  Crunch, crunch, crunch.  Talk about a recipe for success – and a joyful afternoon for all!  HA!

You know, and I think I’ve said this before, those Lays commercials didn’t lie.  You can’t eat just one – even if it’s not Lays.  Now, if only I could find the study that tells you how to stop the madness in three easy steps …