Listen, being healthy isn’t all about eating spinach and running.  It’s about balance in life and, in my humble opinion, a good balance includes dessert.  So, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite fun desserts.

I made this for last year’s annual summer bbq as dessert for all of the kids.  I got the idea through one of my favorite websites, Cake Wrecks (a very funny site!), who, in one of her ‘Sunday Sweets’ editions, featured Bakerella who had done a remake of something Smiley’s Sweets & Creations had done who had seen it … you get the idea.  Even Loves To Eat did a version.

All kinds of people have done these and I’m here to tell you, if you don’t already know, that they are SO much easier than you’d think!  The hardest part, for me, was trying to convince the local New York Fries to sell or give me some of their fry cups but I think that was a great finishing touch – some of the people at the bbq had to look at these three or four times before they realized they weren’t actually sliders!

Cupcake Burgers & Fries

Recipe By: A Mix of Many


I had a lot going on that day so I used boxed mixes: White or Vanilla Cake Mix, Brownie Mix, Sugar Cookie Mix



I made ‘rolled’ sugar cookies, sprinkled them with granulated sugar right out of the oven to look like salt and cut them right away into ‘slices’ to look like fries. You could also use extra cupcakes, sliced in fry shape and put them back in the oven to ‘brown up’ a bit.  I used raspberry puree as ketchup.


Make white cupcakes – small-ish ones – not full size ones. Optionally: right out of the oven poke the tops with a toothpick and brush on lemon or pineapple juice and sprinkle on a few sesame seeds. If you don’t do this right out of the oven don’t do it – the cupcakes will go soggy.

Make a batch of brownies – you don’t want the batch to be too ‘thick’ so use a bigger pan than you usually would for the batch.

Take the paper cup off the cupcakes and cut them in half.

Use a round cookie cutter, the same width as the cupcake, to cut out the ‘burger’ patties from the brownies and place the pattie in the cupcake.

Decorate the cupcakes – Use a small round tip or cut a small corner into a ziplock baggie and use that to pipe icing around the edges of the pattie to look like mustard & ketchup. I used coloured icing (I wouldn’t use regular food colouring, buy the good stuff, like Wilton colouring you can get a bulk barn) for the ‘mustard’. You can use red icing for the ‘ketchup’ (use a wilton red with a tiny bit of violet to get the right colour) but instead I used a raspberry and lemon puree that I thickened a bit with cornstarch. I also died flaked coconut green and sprinkled it on to look like lettuce.

Now, put the top back on the cupcake and voila!! Burgers and fries!