I finally made those Star Fruit Chips.  The chips were just okay – basically they are just coated in sugar syrup than dried and they taste accordingly.  The best thing I found about making these was the resulting Star Fruit sugar syrup that I can use for other stuff like drizzling over ice cream or something (how does that fit in the Eat Clean diet??) or adding a touch of flavoured sweetness to a smoothie.

I came across this podcast in my ‘most frequently played’ list – apparently my son keeps watching it. I thought it would be appropriate for sharing.  If you’re trying to get your kids to Eat A Rainbow then have them check out this video.

It’s time to get back to planning my meals for the week while I still have only one child in my charge. My dedicated Eat Clean Meal this week is going to be the Caribbean Chicken with the Brown Rice and Lentil Salad. I may even go all out and make a Black Bean and Fudge Cake recipe that I found in the March/April 2010 issue of Clean Eating. Sounds … um … interesting?

Gotta run before my daughter chews through the entire Clean Eating magazine … I’m not sure how that fits into her Rainbow.

Have a great weekend!