I haven’t posted in a while – things have been a bit crazy lately.  But here I am and I am SO stoked to have FINALLY purchased myself a new pair of skates.  My old ones were worn out 4 years ago but never really made the priority purchase list … something always got in the way, you know, two babies, a home renovation, that kind of stuff.  But this year was my year and this summer is going to be my summer!

Did you know that now, in stores, or maybe just the store I went to, when you try on roller blades, or maybe anything with wheels, you have to wear a helmet and wrist guards?  I get why they do it (it really says a lot about todays society), but I felt a bit silly to say the least.  Now, I have a history of not wearing all of the appropriate safety gear – and a lovely, huge, fish shaped scar on my lower leg to prove it thanks to an inconsiderate cyclist who didn’t even stop to help – but, with two kids in tow, one must set an example.  So, after years of badgering by my husband, I bought a helmet and I’m sure my old wrist guards are around here somewhere.  To be honest, I hate the idea of wearing a helmet.  The wrist guards I can handle.  My husband, known as ‘Safety Boy’ to his friends, wears all the gear.  What a good guy.  I know, it’s safe etc. etc. etc.  I hate wearing a helmut.  That being said, I hate the idea of one of my kids NOT wearing a helmut when they are old enough.  So, I will wear a helmet.

Now, I just have to wait, patiently, for my favorite path – currently under some kind of construction – to open up.  I want to wear my skates!!!  It was all I could do to not skate around the store all afternoon.  I feel a bit like a kid on Christmas morning.  My son was even excited – wanting to try a pair on for himself.  He’ll just have to make do with his FP child skates for now.  That’s part of the reason I am so excited about getting back on the wheels – it’s something that I can do with the kids.  Gone are the days of the 5 hour skates that my husband and I used to do, but, though they may not be able to skate yet, at least not the youngest, but the oldest can bumble along a bit, but at least we are all getting out and enjoying the fresh air.

So, in order to ensure that I actually get off my bum and use these babies to become a healthier gal, I am going to try to find a person (or people?) who will commit to meeting up regularly and skating!  Here I go a hunting …

Today I Ate A Rainbow.  How about you?